Grand Challenges Articles in Integrative and Comparative Biology

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Workshop on the Implementation of the Grand Challenges

On January 6, 2010, a Workshop on the Implementation of Grand Challenges in Organismal Biology was assembled. For further information on this workshop, plus our research updates, subscribe to our email newsletter. This is available in both English and German. For DE, please create a account and use you login to access our group. Three sessions involving both authors of papers describing the Grand Challenges in Organismal Biology and executive board members from outside professional societies convened to discuss grand challenges and the new directions in which the science should develop.  Two major implementation arenas were developed: 1) Research areas involving interdisciplinary cooperatives that might move beyond standard model organisms and methodologies, plus the abilities to collect and properly analyze these new data; and 2) Education at all levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and tenure-track faculty), including informing the public, legislators and granting agencies of the importance of Organismal biology.  This over-simplification of the entire discussion are points that would be gladly debated on our blog.  Please participate! 

              We have included the copies of some presentations from the workshop to allow the re-examination of topics brought about by the panelists, and to stimulate further discussion of the topics. 


Participants Providing Permission to Share Powerpoint Presentations


Dr. Bruce Alberts, University of California, San Francisco, Past-President of the American Society for Cell Biology and Past-President of the National Academy of Science, Editor in Chief, Science Alberts SICB Grand Challenges Jan 2010 Web.ppt

Dr. Hannah Carey, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Past-President American Physiological SocietyCarey - GrandChallengesPhysiology.ppt

Dr. Ken Halanych, Auburn University, (Author: Halanych & Goertzen, 2009)

GCOB Halanych.pptx

Dr. James Ha, University of Washington, Past-Treasurer of Animal Behavior Society
Ha SICB_ABS_Grand_Challenges.ppt

Dr. Dianna Padilla, State University of New York, Stonybrook, (Author: Schwenk et al, 2009)
Padilla Grand Challenges Workshop Jan 6 2010.ppt

Dr. David Raible, University of Washington, Society for Developmental Biology (Executive Committee – Northwest Representative)  DB Grand Challenges Raible.ppt

Dr. Stacia Sower, University of New Hampshire, (Author: Denver et al, 2009)
Sower - GrandChallengeCompEndo.pptx

Dr. Joseph Whittaker, Morgan State University, President-Elect of Sigma Xi
Whittaker - GCOB.pptx